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___ [ November 28, 2009 ]
Added some links ^^ No new entries sadly www.safe-trading.org.my :C

___ [ October 13, 2009 ]
New entry in my Decora contest ^^

___ [ September 28, 2009 ]
FINALLY got those awards up ^^;; Sorry for the lag. I got super busy out of nowhere @__@ but yes, I finally got them all done. I've also put up new contests so please go take a look and enter ^__^ I also took down the forum poll because I have decided to make one. More info on that later iq options, though ^.~

___ [ September 24, 2009 ]
Voting closed and awards to be posted tomorrow! ^__^<3 More contests to be put up tomorrow as well so be sure to check them out! Also, as you may have noticed, I've taken down the little navigation section I usually have up there. Dunno. Seemed sorta silly, since my site's navigation is really straightforward and simple.

___ [ September 19, 2009 ]
This isn't so much of an update as it is a question. (Poll moved above so it can stay open and on top when further updates are posted.)

___ [ September 18, 2009 ]
I haven't had a People's Choice award in a long time but I recently found a poll service I like so I thought I'd give it a shot again. ^_^ So please check out the contests page and cast a vote for your favorite! Polls will close and awards posted in around a week iqoptions.

___ [ September 15, 2009 ]
Okies, contests finally closed and voting! Awards up soon so check back~

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