[ Terms & Rules for KiSS ]
1. You may not redistribute my KiSS dolls or claim them as your own.
2. You may not use pieces from my KiSS dolls as dollmakers or in other KiSS dolls.
3. If you make a doll inspired by an outfit made on my KiSS doll, you must give me credit and link back.
4. You may display your KiSS creations using my doll on your site as long as you give me COMPLETE credit and link back on the same page.
5. If you would like to archive any of my kiss dolls, you must ask and recieve my permission first.
6. I am open for collab offers at any time. Feel free to contact me via AIM or Email with your offers.
7. I will help you with your kiss doll if you message me via AIM.

NOTE: You will need to download a KiSS Viewer from Otakuworld.com to play with any of my KiSS sets. I reccomend PlayFKiss 0.83b Beta.

And if you're looking for the KiSS tutorial, its in the Resources section ^_^ All of my bases can be used as KiSS templates as well, so look there too. Sorry for any confusion but this page is already pretty jammed up.

+KiSS ... Completed Sets+
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+KiSS ... Workshop+
Works In Progress
??? - A collab with some of my closest friends.
Emily - A doll with no real theme as of yet using my Emily base. On hold until I feel like working on it again ^^

Ideas and Planned
(listed in no certain order)
- Muse dolls... I eventually want to have a kiss doll of each of my muses. This is of course going to take a while, since finding a template is the hardest thing. But I've got plans for Mana, Doll, and GM. So that's a start!
- Devil May Love... I simply MUST do Kiss dolls of Jullien and Judy!
- Putumayo collection doll... I'm a HUGE fan of Putumayo styles so I'd love to do a doll of just their stuff.

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