[ Terms & Rules for Dolls ]
1. You may not use my dolls or any parts of my dolls in dollmakers.
2. No frankendolling. This means you cannot alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any of the dolls in any way. You may not claim that my dolls, parts of my dolls, or characters belong to you. This is copyright infringement and I will call you out on it.
3. If you make a doll/art/etc inspired by one of my dolls, please give me credit and a link back here.
4. You may not use my dolls to make money. In fact, you may not use my dolls at all unless you get permission from me first.
5. Obviously, do not adopt dolls that say unadoptable. If you do adopt a doll of mine, I insist that you give me a link back on the same page and upload the doll to your own sever.
6. Do not remove my signature. EVER.
7. You may not use my dolls in your layouts, icons, etc unless you obtain permission from me first.
8. Some of my dolls may contain blood, violence, nudity or sexual content. For the most part, these are kept in Adult but some may be found in other areas. I take no responsibility for what you may stumble upon so consider this an official warning. Also, please note that I do not consider homosexuality to be warning-worthy. If this bothers you, it's probably best that you just don't view any of my dolls.

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