[ Terms & Rules for Bases ]

1. Do not claim my bases as your own.
2. Do not post my bases at any other site, messageboard, etc. No redistributing.
3. You may edit skin color, eye color, faces, and shading freely. You may also add things such as tails, wings, ears, etc. If you make edits of my base, do not post them on your site or claim them as your own. Send them to me and I will post there here with credit to you.
4. You may not use any parts of my bases to make bases of your own.
5. You may not use my bases to gain (real) money. Use on forums (Diamons on the Underground, Gold on Gaia, etc) and such is fine.
6. You may not use my bases for dollmakers unless you recieve special permission from me.
7. You may use my bases for KiSS templates as long as you send me the finished product.
8. You must ALWAYS credit me with a link to this site if you post a creation made using one of my bases.
9. Please note that some of my bases are anatomically correct (meaning the private areas are pixeled in and visible) or may contain sexual poses. Do not view my bases if this offends you.
10. My bases, unless otherwise noted, are referenced or traced from other images. If this bothers you, THEN DON'T USE THEM. But don't come bitching to me about it, either. I've heard every argument for and agaisnt tracing bases and, for me, it comes down to this simple statement: If I think there's a pose that I feel needs to be made into a base bad enough that I'm willing to put time into making it, then unless you want to make me one from scratch to my exact specficiations, fuck off. I do my utmost to use only official artwork (as opposed to fanart or unlicensed artwork) but if I have flubbed and mistook your image for official art, feel free to let me know if you want to be credited or have it taken down. And be flattered than your artwork is that damn good, as well.

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