[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

1. What does Sabishisa mean / Why'd you pick it?
Sabishisa means loneliness in Japanese. No, I'm not lonely ^^;; I was flipping through my Japanese/English dictionary one day and saw it. I thought it sounded really pretty so I started using it.

2. It's kinda long... Can I shorten it or call you something else?
Call me Sabi. Everyone does, even in real life. And before you ask, my real name is Jessica. It sucks, don't call me that ^.~

3. What happened to Jrock Cage?
Oh, dear god.... First, my server went down. Then, I moved from MA to SC, and was forced to leave my comp behind (due to lack of money). No idea when we'll have enough saved to make the road trip back to MA to rescue my computer and all. So, sadly, I have no idea when Jrock Cage will be back up... Or if it will be back up at all anymore... ;__;

4. Can you do a doll for me?
Umm, probably not. I don't feel confident enough in my own abilities to doll for other people really. But you can always ask and see.

5. Can we be sisters?
As long as we're friends too, sure. I don't really want to have a sister with someone I don't know well.

6. Well, then, can we be friends?
^__^; Sure. I always love meeting new people in the dolling community and otherwise. I'm quite open and I love talking to people so feel free to give me a poke.

7. I sent you an email/left a comment/PMed you/etc and you haven't gotten back in touch with me... Are you ignoring me?
If you sent me a flame or spam, then yes, I am ignoring you. Otherwise, no, I'm not. I tend to stay really busy so sometimes it takes some time for me to get back in touch with people. That and I have the memory span of a goldfish. If you've waited over a week and still haven't gotten some sort of response, feel free to send it again. Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle.

8. Can I link your site? / Will you link my site?
Of course you can link my site! If you use a banner, please be sure to upload it to your own server. And if you'd like me to link you, send me a link to your site and I'll look over it. If its got good content (meaning more then one doll) and a decent layout (meaning I can look at it without being blinded by too bright colors and menus that just won't work), then I'll most likely link it. And I am all up for link exchanges!

9. Can I adopt your dolls?
Sure ^__^ Just be sure to save them on your own server and add a link to my site. I do insist that the link to my site be on the same page as the adopted doll. Be reasonable and donít adopt all my dolls. Also, if you have the time, I'd love to know if you're adopting something!

10. Will you code my KiSS set / do a KiSS set for me?
Depends. Get in contact with me and we'll talk. Any KiSS set I help you with will be submitted to Otaku World as a collab project (unless you request that your work not be shared there) and posted here as a collab (no exceptions to this one). As for making a KiSS set for you... most likely not. I barely have time to work on the ones I want to do, much less someone else's.

11. Can I contact you to help me with my KiSS doll?
Sure. I'll do what I can to help you. Just be aware that I don't know everything. I'm still pretty new at it myself.

12. What does "Sabishisa no Sumi" mean?
Depending on the kanji used, it can mean either Sabishisa's Corner or Sabishisa's Ink. I'll never write it in kanji and I like the dual meaning so you pick whichever you like best ^^

13. What are the Musai?
Musai is a term that Tatsie and I use for our collective group of muses. No, you CANNOT use this term for your own group of muses. It's ours and we're greedy bitches like that. Anyway, it started out with just GM, Kyo, Mana and hide but has evolved into much larger numbers, a dizzing array of relationships, and a long, complicated drama-filled story. ^^; This is why they have their own site.

14. So, what's the difference between Musai and characters?
Put simply, the Musai are more important than characters. They're muses and characters both, yes, but they're more than that. It's hard to describe without sounding crazy XD The Musai are very important to Tatsie and me. We laugh and cry with them. They're almost like family. Characters, while still important to me, aren't held quite as deep as the Musai. And more noticeably, they don't have such long, complicated histories. And technically speaking, each Musai has a certain thing they inspire in me. For example, Tetra is my fashion muse, Ry is my dominant side, etc. GM's the bug kahuna and is pretty much in charge of everything.

15. Can I RP with/talk to your characters or the Musai?
Of course! Just contact me via AIM or MSN (view the contact page for my screen names). If you're wanting to RP, please remember to describe or send me a doll of the character you'll be using ^^ I'm not a mind reader, after all. Most of my characters/Musai are very, erm, friendly ^^;;; And remember that I'm a naughty girl when it comes to RP so if you're not willing to deal with homosexuality, adult content, and language don't try to RP with me ^^;;

16. Will you reserve me a spot in your contest?
No, because I don't reserve. My contests don't have a set end date or a set number of entries I will accept so there would be no use in doing reserved spots. However, if you are worried that I will end a contest before you can send in your entry, feel free to email me and let know you're working on one. I will keep you in mind before deciding to close it.

Got a question thats not here? Feel free to send me an email, leave a comment in my LJ, PM me, etc etc.... Various ways to do such things are kept in the Contact section.

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