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I'm 25 years old (as of June 18th, 2009 in case I forget to update next b-day) and have been dolling since August 6th, 2004. I mostly use PSP 7 and MS Paint to create but I will prod Adobe if I need to. I have been writing stories since I could spell and have only just taken an interest in photography in the last two years or so. I am easily annoyed at preppy, perky types and have little patience for any sort of stupidity and ignorance. I have a HUGE variety of interests including music of almost every type, writing original fiction, reading, yaoi, yuri, ball jointed dolls, role playing both through IMs and forums (I prefer IMs though), D&D;, video games, alternative fashion and lifestyles and snails. I also have a strange adoration for twisted, violent, slutty and/or mutilated angels. I also have a huge love for gothic, dark and disturbing themes (as if the mutilated angels didn't clue you in). ^__^<3 Honestly, I'm your pretty typical Gemini through and through. I love chatting and meeting new people, though I do go through my anti-social moments and I flirt constantly. XD Don't take it personal... I do it with everyone and I never mean anything by it. I only have eyes for my sweetness, Tatsie <3 And if you were hoping for better info, view my LJ profile. There's a slightly better one there. Or you could just ask me yourself ^.~

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